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Modern Gas Tirbunes...
 Modern Gas Tirbunes...

Today’s modern gas turbines are highly complex machines that demand maximum protection against environmental effects to ensure performance, longevity, and minimum maintenance.


The air coming into the compressor of a gas turbine must be cleaned of airborne contaminants that can accumulate on the compressor blades causing blade erosion and reduces the power and efficiency of the gas turbine. Because of the large quantities of air that turbines require for operation, these contaminants can create a significant problem to the health of these precision pieces of rotating equipment.




  • Myer Filter’s gas turbine air intake filters are designed to be pneumatically cleaned.
  • We provide the finest quality high moisture resistant media either full cellulose or cellulose & synthetic blended. It is also flame retardant
  • Media is corrugated and pleated to form a conical or cylindrical style.
  • Our proprietary SPS®  system create  and maintains uniform spacing between pleats.
  • The media pack is supported by galvanized expanded metal liner on the inner and outer face of the filter to ensure that the media is held rigidly in place during reverse pulse mode of self-cleaning filter unit.
  • In case of demand we can use hot melt gluing in an annular ring design on internal and external surfaces to prevent excessive movement of the media.
  • We have sizes from 455 mm to 1200 mm length and 200 mm to 600 mm outside diameter.
  • The liners and media pack are then bonded into the galvanized steel end caps with thermosetting plastic to form a one piece, zero by-pass cartridge filter
  • Myer Filter have efficiencies of 99,96% or higher. With particles of 10 microns and up, efficiencies of essentially 100% are recorded, with correspondingly high efficiencies in the range of .5 - 100 microns.
  • Myer also provides these filters with all metal parts using 304 or 316 stainless steel for corrosive environments.

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We are able to offer customized total solutions for your air filtration and intake cooling needs. We provide the highest quality manufacturing processes, to ensure that the final product meets every requirement.