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  Natural Gas Filters ::
Typical Applications
Main Advantages of The Myer Gas Filters
Standard Dimensions Of Gas Filters


These filters are generally designed for the natural gas pipelines,regulating and metering stations(RMS), pressure reduction stations and gas turbine systems. They are with high pressure,high flow rate and minimal dirt load,using pleated polyester laminated with epoxy coated or stainless steel  wire mesh instead of cellulose media. They are constructed to provide maximum filter area  and allow perfect protection to the regulators and pressure meters,minimizing the maintenance and extended equipment life.

 Typical Applications


         Pressure Reduction Stations (ERPM) Protects the measuring and control station and equipment with fuarantee gas quality to the user.

         Gas Turbine Protection Prevent corrosion, erosion, impact and solid contaminants at the internal parts of the equipment.

         Gas Treatment for instrumentation

         Optimal Compressor Protection


 Main Advantages of The Myer Gas Filters

         Absolute removal of solids from natural gas streams to the micron size specified.

         Remove 99,99 % of 3 micron solid particles oil, water , and dirt.

         Standard dimensions, providing the substition o already installed filters.

         High surface area results in high dirt holding capacity and long element life for lower net operating costs.

         Metalic filter media, %100 polyester media laminated with 304 stainless steel or epoxy coated wire mesh, or other under request.

         Stainless steel filter elements may be supplied optionally , for washing or use with larger pressure loss.

         Myer has an experience of 13 years in the manufacture and installation of equipment for use in natural gas industry

         Specifically designed and manufactured for use in natural gas in  industry

         Equipment manufactured for use in natural gas industry

         Filter elements in stock.

         Training Center available for qualification and training of our product users

         Technical support, with a staff of expert engineers and technicians.


 Standard Dimensions Of Gas Filters