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Myer air-oil separators...
Air-oil separator is the last barrier…
Service Life


MYER filter company has been providing quality air-oil separators for over 13 years. Our considerable reputation rests with these products. You can be assured that they are of the highest quality at good prices.


Myer high performance separators have:


          High reliability by using top quality filtration media.

          Maximum cost advantages in electricity,fuel and lubricant costs.

          Lower oil consumption.


 Myer air-oil separators...


          Remove compressor lubricant from the compressed air stream.

          Eliminate the oil mist from rotary screw and rotary vane type compressors.

          Conserve lubricating oil and reduce air pollution.

          Achieve a removal efficiency of 99.98 % of 0.3 micron.

          Low oil carry-over equal to or less than the manufacturer’s branded separator.

          A low initial pressure drop of 2-3 PSI.

 Air-oil separator is the last barrier…


The air oil separator is the last barrier before air enters a plant’s distribution system. If it fails to work properly,  oil is allowed to escape the air compressor and the lubricant costs increase. Also if the air-oil separators are not changed regularly they become clogged and as a result the compressor pumps  to a higher internal pressure,adding electrical and fuel costs.

 Service Life

Service life is dependent on many factors…


          The amount of liquid oil removed before the air reaches the oil separator.

          The amount of contaminant getting pass the compressor intake filter.

          Compressor package design.


MYER air-oil separators are designed to provide several thousand of service life hours and it can be easily achieved with a well functioning system.