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MYER FILTER COMPANY was established in 1984.Through ideals of professionalism, innovation, rigorous research and development, commitment to human welfare as well as the dedication to quality, MYER quickly became the leading manufacturer in filtration industry.


In 1992 we acquired the certificate of TS 932 which has been given by Turkish Standards Institution. We started to produce using our own proprietary SHOULDERING PLEAT TECHNOLOGY® and since 1996 we have a manufacturing facility with more than 11.000 m2 .


The road ahead for MYER means continuing to make our company more competitive and profitable through cost reduction, process improvements.  Key to our plans is a company-wide mindset of "Delighting the Customer" rather than merely meeting customer needs.  And by "customer", we mean not only original equipment manufacturers, but also end-users - those who buy and drive vehicles containing our components. 


We have a quality assurance on all of our production processes, ISO 9001:2000 registered.With more than 20 years of dedicated experience and commitment to our products and customers, MYER not only dramatically demonstrated its company potential in original business approach, but also focused on new market opportunities within the changing global market

Our reputation for advanced manufacturing and problem solving capabilities has brought us to an important position in the industry. Our customers expect the highest quality, best-value products from us and know that they can depend on us for through testing, timely delivery, and continued product